Homemade Turkey Meatballs — ?�???�N�??N�?�N??????� ?�N�?????�???�?�N????? ???� ???????�?????? Episode 61


Recipe1 lbs lean turkey breast2 Tbs grated onion2 grated cloves of garlic1 Tbs oat bran50 gr fat free mozzarella cheeseFor the sauce1 diced onion2 minced cloves of garlic1 cup chicken broth14 oz cup crashed peeled canned tomatoesSalt and pepper for tasteActions1) mix everything together for the meatballs. With ice cream scoop or with hands, form the meatballs.2) in large sprayed saucepan, add meatballs and sear them for 1-2, until they will develop good brown color.3) take the meatballs out and in the same pan, add onion, garlic for the sauce. SautA�e until veggies will completely cooked (10 min )4) next, add meatballs, chicken broth, and tomatoes, season with some salt and pepper, cover with lead and cook on medium heat for 30 min.Enjoy!!!

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